AMA School of Medicine has a specialized program for international students who wish to take the combined Bachelor's degree and Medicine degree programs. The BS Psychology pre-med program is a one-year program where the K-12 subjects of Indian students, such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry, are automatically credited. Upon completion of the pre-med program, the students enter the Medicine program provided they pass the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) and comply with the requirements for eligibility from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

Majority of international students currently taking the special program are from India. In Medicine proper, there are also students from Nepal and Pakistan.

AMASOM is listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) which is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). With this recognition by MCI, AMASOM's Medicine program is considered equivalent to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree similarly offered in the UK, Australia, India and other Commonwealth countries. After their MD graduation from AMASOM, Indian students will be given a license to practice in India similar to the MBBS doctors from India after completion of licensing formalities with the MCI.

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# Course Name Country Passport Sex DoB USN/OR Date of Regn.
1 BS-MD Anjali Jaiswal INDIA S1322183 Female 01-06-1999 180044699700 10-07-2018
2 BS-MD Bhanu Prakash Bharti INDIA S2435222 Male 16-05-1997 10-09-2018
3 BS-MD Kadambari Singh INDIA S4205403 Female 24-10-2000 18004164800 16-06-2018
4 BS-MD Parth Sarthy Mandal INDIA Z4304305 Male 24-08-1998 18004292200 30-06-2018
5 BS-MD Prachi Priyadarshini INDIA S2887762 Female 03-09-1998 18004116200 19-05-2018
6 BS-MD Priya Gaba INDIA R0075375 Female 30-04-2000 18000346700 03-02-2018
7 MD Rakesh Ranjan Mund INDIA R4818038 Male 25-06-1993 18000446000 02-02-2018
8 MD Ravi Sahu INDIA R6658897 Male 01-05-1988 18000678300 06-03-2018
9 BS-MD Sheetal Yadav INDIA S43581834 Female 24-12-2000 18004418200 25-06-2018
10 BS-MD Stuti Gupta INDIA R3432411 Female 12-11-1998 18004469100 06-07-2018
11 BS-MD Suhana INDIA S1494135 Female 02-04-2001 18004418400 07-07-2018
12 BS-MD Vikas Beniwal INDIA S0972273 Male 09-01-1998 18004423000 13-07-2018
13 MD Yogesh Sahu INDIA R1625095 Male 16-10-1988 18000980400 16-03-2018